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Created by the Sector, for the Sector

CaSE represents a unique partnership between charity and insurance specialists having been established by the charity law firm Bates Wells Braithwaite and by the National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO).

CaSE Insurance only insures not-for-profit organisations and associated groups.  We want to be your risk and insurance partner and we always aim to be approachable, professional, trustworthy, responsive, and competitive. Find out more about us.

The CaSE Select package

From just £135! The CaSE Select packages are designed for small charities and social enterprises to provide flexible cover with great service and risk management support.

Especially for groups and organisations:

  • with an income up to £500,000
  • predominantly involved in clerical activities
  • that do not require insurance for a building
  • with up to 10 full time equivalent staff and/or 10 full-time equivalent volunteers

Before clicking the right Proceed button below, please do check that CaSE Select covers the specific activities you undertake by referring to the information in the right-hand column.

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CaSE Select Cover Includes:

Click on the boxes below to show more detail on what is covered by CaSE Select.

Clerical Activities

Clerical and Administrative includes similar non-manual working (but including shop assistants) and counselling and teaching at the premises (where personal contact is not intended to be with Service Users likely to display behavioural problems or require care or supervision).

Light Manual Activities

Light Manual Activities means the activity of a light manual nature but not involving:

  • work requiring any special permit or licence, such as work on electrical circuits or gas equipment;
  • indoor work at height greater than 3 (three) metres above ground or floor level; outdoor work at height over the gutter line or in any event greater than 5 (five) metres above ground or floor level; excavation below ground or floor level greater than 1 (one) metre;
  • use of mechanical or electrical plant, tools or equipment other than light electrical handyman and gardening tools and electric or petrol-driven lawn mowers;
  • building, construction or environmental improvement work other than light landscaping, maintenance or decorating.

Please also check the Excluded Activities for relevant exclusions.

Personal Assistance

Personal Assistance means:

  • Light Manual activities including handyman and gardening services;
  • attending to, accompanying and caring for Service Users (other than Care and Treatment) including shopping, laundry, cleaning, cooking and other household work, dog walking (subject to a maximum 2 (two) dogs per walker), collecting pensions and prescriptions and similar errands;
  • pastoral care and advice.

Please also check the Excluded Activities for relevant exclusions.

Business Events

Business Events means activity involving:

  • conferences, seminars, meetings, and exhibitions;
  • stalls, fetes, trade fairs, special interest fairs and shows, car boot jumble and other sales, fundraising, educational and social events including but not limited to dinners, dances, garden parties, themed parties, barbecues and coffee mornings, fun days, education and training (including exercise classes not involving contact sports), card and board games, auctions and raffles, concerts (provided that such concerts provide seating to the audience and are limited to ticket holders only), amateur dramatic and music shows, film shows, quiz evenings, and treasure hunts (excluding use of motorised vehicles) and including cycling, running, gardening, rambling and walking;
  • projects in connection with the Business provided they do not involve manual activity other than Light Manual activity;
  • clubs, societies and other organised groups involving any of the above.

Please also check the Excluded Activities for relevant exclusions.

Volunteer Driving

Volunteer Driving means driving people other than Insured Persons within the Territorial Limits in connection with the Business. On the following conditions:

  • no vehicle used shall be capable of carrying more than 8 passengers or modified in any way;
  • Any Voluntary Driver:
    • does not drive for hire or reward (other than reasonable expenses);
    • is in possession of valid Insurance, MOT Certificate and Road Fund Licence for the vehicle;
    • has the prior agreement of his or her motor Insurers prior to performing any transport duties on your behalf and has evidenced this to you;
    • maintains his or her vehicle in a roadworthy condition at all times;
    • complies with all aspects of road traffic legislation at all times;
    • is in possession of a full UK driving licence to drive the vehicle, free of endorsements other than endorsements for speeding, parking offences, and Traffic Signal Offences not exceeding 6 points in total.

CaSE Select Cover Excludes:

Click on the boxes below to show more detail on what is not covered by CaSE Select.

Excluded Activities

Excluded Activities

The CaSE Select package option is designed especially for smaller organisations who are not involved in any of the following:

  • Accommodation – either residential or supported;
  • Activity centres/adventure activities/outdoor pursuits;
  • Airborne activity or waterborne activity (other than inland waterborne activity as part of an organised and supervised Trip or Excursion);
  • Animal activities including welfare and husbandry;
  • Contact or competitive sport or physical activity;
  • Domiciliary care;
  • Drugs or medicines (including production, dispensation, sale, supply, administration or prescription);
  • Emergency rescue services;
  • Environmental work or advice;
  • Fireworks or other pyrotechnics;
  • Food sales (other than for Fundraising);
  • Guns or other weapons or missiles;
  • Gymnastic or inflatable play equipment;
  • Installation of crime / fire prevention measures;
  • Licenced premises;
  • Maintenance or repair of any electrical, mechanical or propelled equipment or vehicles;
  • Mechanical or electrical equipment – either operating or riding on;
  • Medical care (including treatment, counselling, testing, diagnosis, clinical or surgical advice, nursing and psychiatric care;
  • Medical or clinical trials or similar of any kind
  • Organising events on behalf of third parties;
  • Therapies or Procedures requiring a Special Treatments Licence;
  • Overseas travel – more than 4 business trips per year;
  • Products for sale including through retailing / wholesaling / manufacturing / re-cycling;
  • Recruitment or placement of Employees/volunteers;
  • Regulated activities such as financial and legal (including immigration) advice;
  • Timebanking.

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